Emergency Safety Trailers with Inside Shower & Eyewash

Nomadic Safety™ is a premium manufacturer of medical safety trailers which perform as an on-site self-contained medical safety station. Our state-of-the-art safety trailers were meticulously designed to perform as a first responder facility and render interim stabilization and comfort while waiting for medical assistance.
Our all-weather medical trailers are rugged enough to withstand any oilfield, shale, mining or drilling operation - and any climate. Indoor heated emergency shower, eyewash, medical bed and wash basin with convenient wall-mounted defibrillator gives you command over most life-threatening situations.

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Mobile First Response

The few first moments of initial care are critical. Provided the injured can be quickly and safely transported to your medical safety trailer will only increase survivability. Every medical amenity is ready to administer first aid until professional help arrives.

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Anywhere, Any Weather

Our all-weather safety trailers are certified to hold up in any terrain or climate. We succeeded in creating the most innovative and ergo-smart medical trailer with a friendly price-point any CPA will appreciate. The "Dog House Trailer Days are gone!" Welcome to Nomadic Safety™.

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