Loveland, CO

September of 2013 exposed Northern Colorado to a level of devastation never before seen.  Now known as the ‘1,000 Year Flood’, the disaster took ten lives, displaced thousands  and caused over $2 billion in property damage.  While Mother Nature cannot be controlled, relief efforts and disaster recovery can.

Nomadic Safety maintains their corporate headquarters in Loveland, Colorado; one of multiple cities devastated by the flood.  Although Nomadic operates emergency response trailers throughout the Rocky Mountain region, the local community holds a special place.

Many different local and state agencies worked tirelessly to protect civilians and perform rescue operations.  Nomadic Safety felt they could help.  The management team at Nomadic assembled much needed supplies and delivered them to local operation centers and relief facilities.  Not only did Nomadic provide these supplies, the company made all safety trailers in the region available for relief efforts.  All operations centers in the flood zone were notified of the trailer availability and the units were placed on equipment readiness lists seen by local officials as well as Colorado Army National Guard commanders in the region.

Due to the response of local emergency personnel, quick deployment of the Colorado National Guard, unbelievable support of civilians and businesses like Nomadic; very few lives were lost and Northern Colorado’s recovery has been swift.

Nomadic Safety’s goal is to provide access to life saving equipment at high risk industrial work sites.  During this unfortunate disaster, Nomadic Safety supplied life-saving supplies and Emergency Response Trailers to the local community.

Nomadic Safety will always put people’s safety first…….Anywhere, Any Weather! 

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