Safety Trailers From Nomadic To Use Remote Monitoring System to Optimize Operations

Denver, CO

To reduce maintenance costs and improve customer service related to the performance of its safety trailers used on remote works sites,Nomadic Safety is installing Remote Monitors on its trailers to track various operating parameters.

Performing as self-contained emergency treatment stations, Nomadic’s safety trailers offer a range of first aid equipment and instruction to immediately address medical conditions and stabilize an injured person until the arrival of first responders. To ensure optimal operations, Nomadic performs monthly detailed service checks on their trailers and medical equipment. They even make regular inspections during inclement weather to ensure there are no problems such as a water heater failure on the tank that supplies the eyewash and emergency shower inside the trailer. However, these inspections can be time-consuming as it can take some hands-on to service equipment.

To simplify maintenance tasks while gaining better control over operations, Nomadic is installing a remote monitoring system in every trailer to keep them apprised of different parameters on a scheduled basis. In addition to providing periodic status reports, the remote monitoring system provides immediate notification of equipment problems, fuel shortages or water usage.

Integrated with a variety of sensors on the safety trailers, Nomadic Safety will keep track of five critical parameters within the safety trailers on a 24/7 basis including: 

  • Temperatures inside and outside the trailer
  • Water temperature and levels
  • Fuel levels
  • AC power and generator status
  • Trailer location

In the future, Nomadic will aggregate all data from every trailer to create a perpetual time-stamped record of all monitored conditions from every trailer.  Using this data, Nomadic can better predict and schedule equipment maintenance, inspections and repairs.

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About Nomadic Safety

Nomadic Safety is a premium manufacturer of all-weather medical safety trailers that perform as an on-site, self-contained medical safety station at remote heavy industrial sites. The company’s state-of-the-art safety trailers were meticulously designed to perform as a first responder facility and render interim stabilization and comfort while waiting for medical assistance.  Founded in 2006, Nomadic Safety’s goal is to ensure that all dangerous work sites are equipped to handle unexpected emergencies with proper safety gear and training. For more information, visit the Nomadic website at

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