Nomadic Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Often, the world’s most critical and dangerous worksites are the hardest to reach. The well-being of a worker injured on an oil rig, or at a construction site, diamond mine, or fracking operation may rely on the immediate availability of onsite life support and first aid equipment. As the crucial period immediately following an accident can ultimately result in loss of life, emergency response equipment and instruction must be ready when needed. 

Nomadic Safety offers a prepackaged inventory of life-sustaining supplies and equipment in the form of a portable emergency safety trailer that can be moved to and around any work site. More importantly, Nomadic Safety™ services these trailers to ensure their proper operation – Anywhere, Any Weather.

Advanced Monitoring System

The heart of the remote monitoring system is Global Monitoring’s Messenger™ 8300 Remote Monitor – a shoe box sized device installed within each trailer. Integrated with sensors that monitor water level, power, temperature, fuel level and various other conditions of the trailers, the Messenger™ Remote Monitor provides scheduled notifications multiple times a day, transmitting readings of all inputs. Serving as part of a predictive maintenance solution, the Messenger helps avoid equipment failures and poor performing assets by preventing equipment failures.

Overcoming Problems with Satellite Communication

Most communication satellite networks are designed for broadband data or video and utilize sophisticated (and expensive) geo-stationary satellites that must be placed in 22,000 mile high orbit.   While many benefits are associated with these systems, they come at a price as equipment is expensive, operating costs are high and installation frequently poses different issues.

The Messenger 8300 Remote Monitor uses low-Earth-orbit (LEO) communication satellites that orbit just a few hundred miles above the Earth’s surface to provide cost-effective tracking, monitoring and messaging capabilities to and from anywhere in the world. Similar to text messaging, the system is capable of sending and receiving small packets of data. These short, economical messages increase the efficiency of remote operations by making critical information readily available – even from locations far beyond the geographic and economic reach of traditional systems.

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